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The Humans of New Genesis are the ultimate survivors and opportunists. There is no magic, no technology, that they cannot (or do not) incorporate into their broad and varied culture. The Aragonians have gunpowder and the Elves have Magic... But only the Humans have blended the two into the GunMage Class.

Having spread across the globe for thousands of years, Humans have encountered and adapted to several different climates. In the far northern lands, beyond the Pale Sea, Human Barbarians eke out a cold and savage lifestyle amid the Giants of the tundra. Far to the south, on the tropical islands of the southern seas, the sun-browned Savages live and hunt among the jungles and exotic (and often deadly) wildlife found there.

The "civilized" Humans of New Genesis sometimes refer to themselves as "Terran Humans" to distinguish themselves from the less urbane members of thier race. Terra, the City of the Crescent Lake is the center of the political and economic world of New Genesis and is also the capital city of the Terran Humans. From Terra, the governments of the Humans, the Zamberians, the Elves and the Aragonians hold council and attempt to decide the fate of thier nations paths together into the future.