Timeline & History of the World

The name of this world, "New Genesis", is literal... there was a world before this one, lost to all but the most ancient or powerful. The mysteries of the old world occasionally resurface, sowing chaos when they do. This history is focused not on the old world, but the New. Nearly 2,000 years of recorded history have passed since the new genesis and this is only a broad, cursory look at that time.

-???? to -1 NG
The Ancient world. This is thought to be the time of the world that existed before New Genesis, the "original" genesis. Tens of thousands of years of history are assumed to have passed during this epoch... and all but the most resilient entities were left behind when the New Genesis began and the Ancient world was left to decay into dust and ash.

0 NG
The New Genesis. This is the time when the Over Deity took the ashes of the previous world and reforged them into the world that exists today. It is unclear how long it took the Over Deity to create New Genesis, so the year "0 NG" is actually of an indeterminate length. It is guessed that during this time that the world was repopulated with the most successful races of the Ancient world: the Humans, Zamberians, the Aragonians, the myriad races of Elves, the Dwarves, the Golden Gnomes, the Orcs and the Dragons. Gnomes and Halflings, if they were brought over at all, have yet to be discovered in New Genesis. Each Race was separated from one another and given a homeland:

The Dragons, the volcanic and lush Dragonback Isles. The Aragonians, the northern coast of Downspin continent. The Elves, the island of Liefland. The Dwarves, the mountain ranges of Terra Main. The Zamberians, North Drak Isle. The Orcs, the marshlands of east Terra Main. The Golden Gnomes, the vast plains of central Terra Main. The Humans, the central valleys of Terra. The Giants, the frozen lands of Upspin continent. The Gnolls, Trolls, Bugbears, Hobgoblins and other lesser races were left to scrabble for the gaps.

When the New Genesis was set into motion, so was the Pendulum of Time. Beginning in the darkness of dawn, the Pendulum would take about five centuries to reach the height of noon, only to swing back towards of darkness...

0 to 1,000 NG
The First Epoch. The Pendulum of Time began its thousand year circuit in this time. For a thousand years, the Races grew, fought, expanded and built their civilizations upon the new world. This is a time of chaos and little recorded history exists today from this era. Near the end of this Epoch, a great evil arose and threatened to plunge the world into an unending night of death. An entity known as the Warlock Lord commissioned the six shards of the Empire to be constructed by the six corresponding races of evil, each to focus their own particular evil into their shard. The shards were then brought together to form the Empire talisman, a tool of every evil imaginable.

The first legendary heroes, led by Moloth, destroyed the Warlock Lord and disassembled the Empire, hiding its shards in secret, secured places all over the planet. As the Pendulum of Time began its long swing back towards the Light, the Races withdrew into their homelands to recover from the near annihilation wrought by the Warlock Lord. In the four centuries that followed the destruction of the Warlock Lord, a new Golden Age was enjoyed by the Races. Few monsters roamed the land, there were no major conflicts and the legends of great evil were soon forgotten in a blissful ignorance. But, evil comes whether or not people are aware of its existence...

1426 NG
The Invasion of Terra. In the late spring of this year, the Illithid Invasion occurred. The city of the Crescent Lake fell under complete control of the Mind Flayers and they immediately activated their Black Egg. The zone of Darkness created by the Egg began its slow, but inexorable, growth over the surface of New Genesis, blocking out the sun and twisting the land, the people, the creatures and everything it touched into the squamous, twisted shapes that the Illithids desired.

1427 NG
Ash Mo'dan releases the power of the Shard of Disease hidden within the Aragonian-occupied city-temple on South Drak Isle. The undead Aragonains reawaken, but retain their individuality. They manage to stave off constant attacks by Ash Mo'dan and found the City of D'Kae in the region of Greywood on the Isle.

1429 NG
The Army of New Genesis. After three years of growing Darkness and unending winter, Crimson Mayhem set about forming a resistance group that would become to be known as the Army of New Genesis.

1434 NG
The Battle of Terra. After five long years of traveling the known world in search of the six shards of the Empire, the ANG made their way to Terra. Using the Empire to force a path through the Darkness to allow the assembled armies of the Zamberians, Aragonians and Elves, to march on Terra, the ANG slipped into the city itself and down into the very heart of the Illithid invasion. There, they slayed the Mind Flayer leaders and destroyed the Black Egg... but at a great cost. With the Darkness lifted and the Races united under a common banner (if only for a short while) the reconstruction of Terra, and indeed, the entire world, began.

1476 NG
The Defiled of South Drak Isle crack the secret of The Spark of Life. Soon, all Defiled transition to this new form of empowering lifeforce, freeing them from their association with Negative Energy and spawning powerful, if eldritch, new technologies, such as Necrotech.

1749 NG
The Sovereign War. After many failed attempts, Southton seceded from Terra to claim the lands east of the Skytouch as its own under sovereign rule of the city-state.

1901 NG
Current. The world emerges from history into a new century, propelled by the relative peace since the Great Darkness. Classical magic and steam technology merge into MagiTek, black powder weapons begin to find favor outside of Aragonian lands, and old ideas about the order of civilization begin to crack and give way. The Humans continue to spread and flourish, indiscriminately using the innovations of all races to gain dominance. The Elves continue to retreat into their fantastical city-state on Liefland, bored of the mundane word. The Dwarves are still weak in numbers, but powerful in economics, metallurgy, and material magics. The Aragonians slowly, but inexorably, grow beyond their self-induced isolation, and Aragonian tech starts to appear farther and farther afield, balancing the power between the mundane and the magical. Rumors of dark powers growing in both the West, beyond the sea, and East, beyond the marshlands, are just beginning to elicit concern in kings and commoners alike. Monsters still lurk in the shadowy, unknown places of NewGen.