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The ancient race of Dragon-Men from the kingdom of Zamber are few in number but great in power. Directly descended from the majestic Dragons themselves, Zamberian individuals are mighty in both will and influence wherever they choose to tread.

Personality: Majestic and proud, the Zamberians are ultimately confident, but usually stop short of arrogance. Zamberian personalities run a spectrum even broader than that of Humans and are so strong that they sometimes seem to be caricatures rather than well-rounded and varied archetypes. Zamberians tend to have extreme personalities as summed up in the saying, "Nothing is funnier than comedic Zamberian and nothing is more depressing than a humorless one".

Physical Description: Generally larger than humans by a head, Zamberians range from slim and lithe to broad and husky. Covered in tough scales and with draconic heads, Zambians are rarely misidentified as one of the lesser Races. Of the two major bloodlines of Zamberians, the Nobles look more like their Dragon ancestors with tails, wings and larger claws. Common Zamberians almost always have chromatic scales of a single shade, whereas the Nobles tend to have multiple hues or even metallic scales. The color of a Zamberians scales is no implication of its personality or Alignment. The only societal affect a Zamberians breed has is on whether or not it can attain King-hood or Queen-hood. There are no laws prohibiting a Common from becoming King; it is merely a tradition. Zamberian females tend to be slightly shorter and slimmer than their male counterparts and sometimes grow coarse, hair-like scales on their heads which can be cut or styled.

Relations: Nearly universally well-liked and respected, they enjoy an almost celebrity status amongst the other races of the world. They are respected for their ancient knowledge and magic as well as for their bold assertiveness, leadership and sometimes confounding wisdom. This 'manifest destiny' has made certain organizations wary, such as the Crimson Guard. Until five-hundred years ago, the greatest King, Zee, made sure his people were well restrained from interacting with the world beyond Zamber's rocky shores. He knew that Zamberians are naturally superior to all the other mortal races of NewGen and that unbridled expansion into their developing cultures would forever alter their natural course of development. When Zee passed away soon after the destruction of the Illithid spawned Darkness, the cultural restraint he imposed died as well. Since that time, the Zamberians have filtered into the world, some reveling in their instant fame and admiration while others avoided civilization altogether, forever wandering and exploring the planet in all its wonder.

Alignment: Like Humans, Zamberians run the gamut of morality and respect for law. There are Zamberian thieves, liars and villains just as there are philanthropists, truth-speakers and heroes. Of course, there are also neutral businessmen, traders, mercenaries and craftsmen.

Lands: Although Zamber is referred to as "The Kingdom of the Dragon-Men", more of its citizens are Elves, Humans and Aragonians than actual Dragon-bloods. It is simply governed and, to a large degree, protected by, the Dragon-bloods. Zamber is a craggy land well protected by the nearly impassable mountains of North Drak Isle. Terraced fields of rice and other exotic food crops line the mountains sides and scaly, fanged creatures skitter among the crevasses. Zamber is stark, crater-shaped land with only a single major city, which is located near its center. This city is generally also referred to as "Zamber", or, more precisely, "The City of Zamber". Among the j agged mountaintops are ancient and forgotten monasteries, wizard's towers, bunkers, caves and untold treasures from times long past. Under Zamber is an equally ancient series of dungeons and caverns... some of which lead to the abyssal Underdark.

Religion: The primary faith held by Zamberians is that of Bahamut and the Draconic Pantheon. This pantheon includes the Dragon-Angels that assisted the Over Deity in the construction of New Genesis. Zamberians rarely worship the gods of other races, but it is not unheard of.

Technology: The technology employed by the Zamberians is almost always of exotic and ancient design, reflecting their belief that the ways they perfected millennia ago are still valid... and indeed they are. Zamberian shipbuilding is second-to-none and their techniques, including the fusing of Onyx into the very structure of a vessel, have yet to be duplicated by any of the other races, including the resourceful Humans. Fascinated, but not always genuinely impressed, by new technology, Zamberians tend to see the inventions of Aragonians as curiosities or toys, the magical achievements of the Elves as missing the point and the gestalts of the Humans as being somewhat ineffectual and piecemeal.

Language: Zamberians speak a heavily accented form of Draconic and Common.

Names: Having very long, very complex names, most other races give Zamberians a shortened, simplified name based on a syllable or two of their original name (shown in parenthesis).

Male Names: Sulfurcsive (Siv), Obsidinaxx (Sid), Zeeanophsis (Zee)

Female Names: Zaandrannadake (Zaandra), Auroanafaxxis (Auro)

Adventurers: Zamberians have a natural curiosity about the world and see adventuring a way to enjoy the gift they have been bestowed by manifest destiny.Zamberians, unsurprisingly, seem to excel at whatever path they choose, whether it be physical prowess, magical might or divine devotion. They also tend to enjoy the trappings of wealth and riches, the prestige of legendary exploits and the learning of their world.


Zamberian Player Characters start off as young Zamberians and must take the first level of the Zamberian Monster Class as their first level. After the PC Zamberian has taken their first Class Level in the Zamberian Monster Class, they then may begin taking regular Class levels OR continue taking Monster Class Levels. Monster class levels do not count against any multiclass restrictions, including ones for Monks or Paladins. Anytime before attaining 20th level, the Character must finish out their Monster levels. Commons have a two level Class and Nobles have a four level Class. The first two Noble levels are identical to the first two Common levels; they then continue beyond them to 4th level. Note that the Natural Armor value does NOT stack. The new value is the value that the character has at that level. Natural Weapon damage works the same way. All other abilities stack.

Zamberian Monster Class Levels Level Hit Dice Base Attack Bonus FortSave Ref Save Will Save Skill Points Special 1 1d8 +1 +2 +0 +2 (6 + Int mod) x 4 Normal 1st Level Character Abilities, Type: Dragon, Size Medium, Speed: 30, Natural Armor: +1, Attack: 2 claws (1d4), Attack: Bite (1d6) Lowlight Vision: 60 ft, Immune to Sleep, Zamberian Weapons are treated as being Racial weapons, not Exotic, +2 to Spot, Intimidate and Knowledge (Arcana), Languages: Common, Draconic, +2 bonus on saves vs. Spells and spell-like effects 2 2d8 +2 +3 +1 +3 6 + Int mod Natural Armor +2, Darkvision 60 ft 3 3d12 +3 +3 +1 +3 6 + Int mod Natural Armor +3, Attack: Tail Bash (1d6), Wings: Fly (50 ft, Average), Breath Weapon: 2d8 4 4d12 +4 +4 +2 +4 6 + Int mod Natural Armor +4, Attack: 2 Claws (1d6), Attack: Bite (1d8), Attack: Tail Bash (1d8), Wings: Fly (100 ft, Average), Breath Weapon: 4d8