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The Elves of New Genesis are an ancient and highly magic-dependant race. They care little for life outside of their island home of Leifland, beyond the safety of their Mythal.

Amaxanaphia (StarShine in Common), the capital city of the Elves, glows with an inner, ephemeral light. The living crystal towers that make up the most of the downtown area of the city are grown and shaped into fantastic, otherworldly shapes.

The magic of the Elves is so ubiquitous in their lives that the average elf looks upon the rest of New Genesis with pity. How can sentient creatures live in such un-evolved and unenlightened civilizations?

Elven magic borders on the sci-fi. With moving pictures of light that appear on magically treated metal plates, sounding stones that allow instant communication with any other Elf in range and with even the least well-off Elf never having to worry about food or shelter, the Elves have little need of the world beyond their Mythal.

Elven Sub-Races include:

  • High
  • Moon (Gray)
  • Golden (Sun)
  • Aquatic (Sea)
  • Drow (Dark)

Elven-specific Prestige Classes Include:

  • Blade Runner