Standard Classes:

Barbarian: In the modern world of New Genesis, barbarians are rather rare. Orcs, Half-Orcs and Savage Humans make up the vast majority of these berserker warriors.

Bard: The magical, musical minstrels are one of the more common adventurers left in New Genesis. EveryRace, including the savage Orcs, count Bards among their ranks. Whether delving in dungeons or playing to packed opera houses, Bards will find a way to make their riches. In New Genesis, Bards use the optional Spell Point magic system (Unearthed Arcana, WotC).

Cleric: Still the spiritual centers of most communities, Clerics nowadays rarely don the heavy armor and dangerous responsibility of spreading the word in dark dungeons and far away lands.

Druid: Still the fierce protectors of the few remaining pockets of virgin lands, Druids tend to stay secreted away in their secret cabals and mysterious rituals. Understanding how rare and precious NewGenesis' wild lands are, Druids have kept their rigid codes and fanatical quest to keep the civilized world at bay. Only the highest rank of Druid knows the secret nature of NewGen.

Fighter: Soldiers, guards, and mercenaries are found in all the nations of NewGen. Masters of combat, Fighters are not only melee combatants, but also gunslingers, seige weaponeers and even airship marines.

Monk: A handful of monestaries still exist in the exotic and secluded lands far away from the major cities of the world. Occasionally, a solemn Monk will descend from one of these mysterious temples to travel the world and seek enlightenment. Almost all Monks, students and masters alike, are human. However, there are legends of a Zamberian dojo hidden somewhere in their jagged land.

Paladin: Once considered the shining Knights of the realm, Paladins are now relatively rare. For good or ill, many Paladins are drawn to the stark morality of the Crimson Guard, and like that organization, they are seen as anachronisms at best and intolerant 'alignment police' at worst. Few today have the strength of conviction to follow the strict codes of the holy warrior.

Ranger: Consumate skirmishers, explorers and guides, Rangers are often found in the frontier lands far from the major cities of the world. Fearlessly treading where no one has tread before, they forge a path into the unknown and are often well paid for their services.

Rogue: Thieves, conmen, burglars, locksmiths, scouts and smugglers are all enjoying a hayday in this modern age. Massive Thieves Guilds are rumored to control the economies, and even the governments, of certains world cities. Given the dangers of operating outside the law, not only do they have to be agile, but they also have to smart if they're going to turn a profit, or, for that matter, survive to enjoy it.

Sorcerer (Soul Mage): Somehow creating their own magical power, Soul Mages enjoy massive power, even if it is narrowly focused. In this enlightened age, Soul Mages are no longer feared or resented for their uncommon magic. It is assumed now that Onyx flows in the blood of these strange casters. In New Genesis, Soul Mages use the optional Spell Point magic system (Unearthed Arcana, WotC).

Wizard: Still the studious researchers of arcane secrets, Wizards are no longer simply the flashy 'big guns' of the battlefield. Nowadays, Wizards learn to tap into the power of magic solidified, Onyx, and to keep the modern magical world running through their creations of the Artificers. Wind Wizards are still occasionally hired for critical air- and sea-faring ship journeys.

Other Classes:

Spirit Shaman: Found almost exclusively within the tribal communities of the Golden Gnomes, these Shaman keep the balance of power between this world and the next. They ensure that the spirits are at peace... even when they are restless and threaten the living. (Complete Divine, WotC)

Psions: Feared and hated, those with psionic powers are hunted down and exterminated. Because their legacy is that of the Mind Flayer Invasion 500 years ago, Psions are forever stigmatized by the tentacled, brain-eating monsters that gave them their mental abilities. It is rumored that there are entire races living deep inside the earth, or even floating high above it, of the psionically gifted (cursed?). (Complete Psionic, WotC)

Gunmage: (Iron Kingdoms)

Artificer: (Eberron)

Mechanik: (Iron Kingdoms)

Scout: (Complete Adventurer)

Physical Adept: (Enlightened Fist?, Complete Arcane)

Prestige Classes:

Wind Wizard:

Spellsword: (Complete Warrior)

Crimson Guard:

Blade Runner:

Pistoleer: (Iron Kingdoms)

Rifleman: (Iron Kingdoms)

Dragon Warrior:

Geometer: (Complete Arcane)

Ur-Priest: (Complete Divine)