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This website and the Dungeons & Dragons Campaign Setting it contains are both works in progress. This site has two main purposes: To provide me a way to organize and structure my work on my campaign setting and to provide my players a way to navigate, observe and comment on the work in progress. This Campaign Setting is set roughly 500 years after the conclusion of the "Army of New Genesis" campaign, which ran for 5 years and spanned 3 different iterations of the D&D rules. The Campaign Setting itself has been run for over 20 years and has spanned 5(!) Editions of D&D rules!

The information found on this site is currently being updated and translated to the 5th Edition of the Dungeons & Dragons role-playing game.

New Genesis is a world at its pinnacle of magical and technological mastery. Elven arcane masters fight along side belching, steam powered Aragonian mechanika. A Human brigand produces both a rapier and a blackpowder quad-iron pistol against a Zamberian Dragon-man. A Necrotech enhanced, Defiled fleshcrafter unleashes a barrage of crackling Spark at a deft Golden Gnome Physical Adept. A Bloodwing pirate captain and his crew attempts a raid on the last Dwarven city on the planet, the air-ship producing Skyharbor, located on the highest mountain peak in the known world. From the highest spire of the Floating Citadel to the deepest recesses of the Coredepth caves, from the exotic and ancient lands of the half-dragon Zamberians to the Beastial East where monsters rule, from the steam and smoke shrouded capital city of Aragos in the dark southern continent of Downspin to the fridged northern glaciers of the Barbarians, New Genesis needs adventurers like you!

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News and Updates

'Clawface' Clyde and that One Damn Ring

Posted July 28th, 2018

The heroes, after spending a few hours to plan and rest, decide to infiltrate, and then assault, 'Clawface' Clyde's 3rd story penthouse suite in the Red Dawn Inn. Recalling that they have a Potion of Gaseous Form in their possession, it's decided that Theron the Rogue will imbibe the potion, sneak into the room, scout it out (find Rotten Polly's ring, if possible), and unlock the door from the inside.

The reader can imagine how according to plan the situation resolved itself...

Gaseously moving into the bedroom of the penthouse suite, Theron spotted the ring on a nightstand... next to a snoring, half-dressed Clyde. Moving into the room, and in a literal 'altered state', Theron made no attempt to move stealthily, assuming his gaseous form would also be undetectable. Unfortunately for him, this was a painful mistake, as Clyde felt his presence in the room, woke up, and attacked him with his viscious flail!

Sacrificing his airy form for raw speed, Theron dispelled the effect and made a mad dash for the still locked, and securely barred, door. Clyde, half-dressed and groggy, chased him down, screaming curses in a mindless rage, and began to whale upon the Rogue, as his friends were mere feet away on the other side of an extremely secure door.

Both Ironwolf and Calibor slammed themselves against the oaken, iron-bound door, but it was Ironwolf, in a moment of Inspiration, who bashed it down with pure brawn. The heroes were then upon Clyde. The battle was bloody and several of the heroes were beaten unconscious by Clyde's savage attacks, only to be deftly saved and reinvigorated by Zolloch.

With the power of numbers on their side, the tide began to turn in favor of the heroes. ...And then 'Rockfist' Ro appeared in a roar of quad-iron pistol blasts in an expertly executed assassination move from the balcony. Ironwolf was lain low in a single volley, but was again saved by Zolloch. Clyde, bearing the brunt of the rain of Calibor's holy smites, attempted to parley, only to be rebuffed by the Paladin of the Oath.

In a mad attempt to seperate the dastardly duo, and take advantage of the local terrain, Ironwolf successfully charged, tackled, and went over the balcony railing with Ro, with both landing on the cobblestone alleyway some 40ft below, battered and breathless. Seeing little hope of survival, Clyde seemingly vanished into thin air, and Ro, first to recover from the fall, decided it was better to live to fight another day and escaped, as well.

After looting Clyde and Ro's ill-gotten treasure and equipment, and handling a terse interaction with the local authorities, the heroes returned to the Greasy Minotaur, ring in hand, for a long, well-deserved rest.

The next day, the heroes planned their next moves. With the ring secured, they were now free to follow up on the mystery of Grindstaff's undead abomination that killed so many innocents in Terra. Theron and Ironwolf, the two least-conspicuous of the foursome, went to the Black Sun Trading Company's real office. Theron, using his Hat of Disguise and his extensive skills with a disguise kit, impersonated Grindstaff and easily fooled the clerk who then handed over all of the transactions Grindstaff ever had with the BSTC... which went back nearly 40 years. They detailed a young hedge-wizard being sucked into the service of the criminal underground and eventually gaining enough power to become its ally, not its pawn.

At the end of the sordid record of transactions, the final entry of Grindstaff's ledger, was the 10,000gp delivery of the Abomination... signed by none other than Houston Dykstra.

Luring Houston out of his mansion to Adreth's (Zolloch's distant cousin) exclusive jewelry shoppe, "Gemheart's", the heroes pressed him for information in the security of the backroom. Lord Dykstra offered to give the heroes passage to 'Vanth', a location on the faraway land of South Drak Isle (for a price in gold, of course). He would only explain, "You wouldn't believe me if i told you... to truly understand, you must see it for youtrselves".

In three days time, the BSTC caraval 'Throatcutter' departs for the western seas... will the heroes be aboard?

The Free City of Seavale (and a big cat)

Posted July 7th, 2018

Only a few days out from Seavale, the heroes came across a day-old ambush. After cautiously investigating the area and finding no immediate threat, they continued on, only to come across a small band of.. Orcs? These Orchish humanoids were not the hunched, primative brutes that the heroes were accustomed to. No, these were groomed, tall with straight backs, and wore advanced, well-maintained armor. The lead 'Orc' brandished a massive 'hand cannon' firearm of unknown manufacture. The 'Orcs' were gathered around wheeled cage which contained a large, hungry, and very annoyed, black panther.

As the heroes approached, the 'Orcs' called out in a strange, almost unrecognizable form of Orcish, but they were undeterred; a battle ensued! In the aftermath of their victory over the 'Orcs', the heroes concluded that these lightly armed and armored warriors were advanced scouts, kitted for quick travel and not for heavy combat or raiding. After freeing and befriending the panther by Ironwolf the Ranger, the party continued to Seavale.

Arriving at the massive port city, the heroes made their way past the city gates, found lodging at The Greasy Minotaur, and then began their investigations into the Black Sun Trading Company. On the way the BSTC main office, the heroes, quite by accident, ran into "Clawface" Clyde. Despite his inebriated state and the threat of bodily harm, Theren the Rogue attempted to press him into conversation. After delivering an annoyed body slam to Theren, Clyde realized the heroes must be after Rotten Polly's ring. As he staggered away, laughing, he mentioned that he sold it to a pawn shop as soon as he arrived in town.

From there, a goose chase criss-crossing the city ensued as the heroes tracked down the cursed band of gold. From a grubby pawnshop on Warehouse Row, to the mansion of local aristocrat and playboy Houston Dykstra (who bought the ring out of desperation for a spur-of-the-moment marriage proposal), to an upscale jewelry store ("Gemheart's") in the Noble's Square (that happened to be owned and operated by a cousin of Zolloch the Cleric), to the Gemheart's small Market Row stall used to sell off their junk... all of that way, only to see Clyde walk out of the stall with the ring and a smug smile on his face.

The heroes followed him all the way across Seavale to an adventurer-centric hotel, the Red Dawn, where he apparently had rented the third (and top) floor penthouse suite. After they confirmed that was his current place of residence, the heroes began strategizing a way to get that blasted ring away from Clyde and Ro and back to the Hag, Rotten Polly, in faraway Tredway, in order to save the town, and themselves, from a terrible curse.

Will the heroes manage to rest the ring from Clyde's possession? What, if any, connection is there to the Black Sun Trading Company? What are the strange, wired zombies that have rumored to have been seen in Seavale (and match the the description of the monstrosity that attacked Terra)?
Stay tuned!

The Village of Tredway

Posted June 10th, 2018

The small caravan of Ironwolf the Ranger, Zolloch the Dwarven Cleric, Calibor the Paladin, and Theren the Rogue (and Hartford the Dwarven merchant, of course!), reached the mid-point of their journey to Seavale: the small pitstop village of Tredway. Entering the small, muddy village, the heroes noticed that no townsfolk were out and about; the village was quiet, save for a Black dragon scale-armored Dwarf in the square, shouting and demanding tribute. The Dwarf, known as 'Clawface' Clyde, was spoiling for a fight, but he quickly realized he bit off more than he could chew when Theren landed a devastating critical hit sneak attack with his crossbow. A few rounds of combat later, a bloody and worn-down Clyde recognized Theren, saying, "I shoulda expected as much from Deverick's boy". As Clyde surrendered, he signaled for his well-hidden companion, 'Rockfist' Ro, to emerge from hiding on a nearby rooftop. The silent Aragonian slung his longrifle and again disappeared from sight. This revelation soured the heroes feeling of victory slightly, but the relieved townsfolk treated their saviors with all of the amenities they had to offer: free meals, ale and cozy rooms at the Halfway Inn.

In the small hours of the morning, just as the heroes had their fill of merriment, a local hunter burst into the tavern, a clammy fog rolling in behind him. "Rotten Polly", an old soothsayer woman who lived a few miles from town, was furious and every citizen of Tredway was to suffer for it. Despite the Rogue's advice to simply leave these mud-kicking villager to their fate, the others agreed to help. Weary and unrested, they made their way into the fog rolling in from the lake. Passing through the village, they saw a plague of vermin, frogs, snakes, spiders, centipedes and countless other creepy crawlies pour out of the village's waterwell and, seemingly, from the very earth itself. Polly was indeed angry.

As they made their way east, through the darkness and fog of the swampy lands at the edge of the lake, the hunter explained how Polly had lived outside the village for generations, granting magical favors in return for high personal costs... and sometimes making the people's lives miserable for no discernable reason. The heroes quickly surmised she was a witch or a hag of some sort. The hunter went on to explain that Polly seems to have had something valuable stolen from her... by Clyde himself, and that the entire village would now suffer in retribution.

The heroes eventually made it to a clearing in the fog, only to see a half-collapsed cabin at the edge of the lake. In front, at a cooking pit, were two bugbears roasting a sheep. The cabin was clearly occupied, so Theren and Ironwolf, the stealthiest of the four, began to circle the cabin, only to be ambushed by a wizened old lady at the back, who was none too happy to have trespassers. From there, a strange battle ensued, as Rotten Polly confused and attempted to divide the heroes with illusions and demoralizations. After being savagely attacked by a non-illusiory Rotten Polly, Theren hastily offered to find Clyde and get Polly's stolen item back: the unused engagement ring of the young couple she drove to mutual murder in the cabin that is now her home. Suspicious, but eager to get her ring back, Polly agreed to let the heroes go, but threatened them all with curses on their descendents for generations, if they didn't uphold their end of the bargain.

With that, the heroes returned to Tredway and were pleased to see that the plague of vermin had ceased, even if the fog had not yet lifted. The next morning they loaded up the caravan and continued the journey to Seavale... and to catch up to Clyde and Ro.

The Plot Thickens!

Posted May 28th, 2018

The heroes returned to Terra, empowered materially and personally from their foray into the abandoned cult stronghold and reported back to Daelin, the head of the City Rangers. After shopping, sorting their gear, and officially given freedom to pursue their destinies by their benefactors, the heroes found themselves in the wrong/right place at the wrong/right time... An inexplicable undead(-ish) abomination smashed through the wall of a nearby warehouse and began a mindless, deadly rampage, killing and wounded dozens of bystanders.

During the battle with the necrotic Ogre, its assumed Master (a stricken human mage by the name of 'Grindstaff') appeared, found his control had been broken, and proceeded to Fireball his own laboratory before making his escape via an Invisiblity spell. After searching the smoldering ruins of the warehouse-turned-secret laboratory, the heroes discovered a shipping ledger with an entry written in Theives Cant. The entry described a large, mysterious (and kingly-priced) delivery made about a month ago to the warehouse, via from the Black Sun Trading Company, from the city of Seavale.

After an afternoon of investigation in the seedier neighborhoods of Terra, the heroes learned that the Black Sun Trading Company is the public face of a Thieves Guild-run smuggling operation.

The heroes quickly sought passage to Seavale, finding a lone Dwarven craftsmen by the name of Hartford in need of protection for his mercantile journey and formed a small caravan. Merely a week out from Terra, they were already beset by brigands...

D&D 5th Edition

Posted May 19th, 2018

Keeping a D&D game going as an adult, with other adults, is tricky, but oh-so worth it.
After a basic dungeon crawl into a long-forgotten hideout for a cult worshipping the Demon Lord Orcus, the heroes are heading back to Terra to report their success in clearing the desecration and abandoned undead guardians.

The party consists of:

  • Calibor Brightshield - Human Paladin. An ex-soldier who felt the call of a higher power to serve.
  • Theren - Half-Elf Rogue. Selfish, slick, and well-trained in the roguish arts, he travels with the party out of convenience.
  • Zolloch Gemheart - Dwarf Cleric. Just because one serves Life, doesnt mean they can't get rich at the same time.
  • Francis "Ironwolf" Christian - Human Ranger. Roaming and protecting the wildlands in the name of Terra is a family legacy for this member of the Ranger's Guild.

New Campaign

Posted April 22nd, 2018

Time to start again. A new 5th Edition Campaign starts May 5th, 2018